I absolutely love to photograph weddings.

The butterflies of excitement in the Groom’s face as he waits for his Bride to appear. The giddy sparkle in the eyes of the Bride as he slips a ring on her finger. The silly look on the ringbearer’s face when he hears “You may now kiss the bride…”

Your wedding day will be filled with smiles and laughter, maybe a few tears. It will be packed with friends and family wishing you both the best. It will be loaded with LOVE.

Most of all, it will be a BLUR. As a recent bride, I can certainly say that I missed a lot of moments at my own wedding, and I’m so grateful to my photographer who was there for those moments.

A photographer’s job is so much more than simply taking pictures. This is a momentous event, and I will take the utmost care in capturing the memories of your wedding and reception to treasure for years to come.

I’d be honored to share each of these moments with you.


If you’d like to see full galleries of weddings I’ve photographed, visit my gallery site at and browse at your leisure.


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