I think I love taking photos of my family more than anything else. Rob, Kim, Kayla and Kaley (all my cousins) met up with me at Circle B Reserve in early December. I assured them early that wildlife sightings were rare this time of year, but we saw more Armadillo and Birds that day than I’ve ever seen in all the times I’ve been out to Circle B.  The light was glorious and Kaley was a hoot – She’s about 6 months old now, and so curious, (and grabby!) but I managed to hold her attention long enough to make her smile and squeal a few times.

IMG_0040 IMG_0062 IMG_0076 IMG_0084 IMG_0089 IMG_0093 IMG_0115 IMG_0140


I have to say, this happened quite a few times, and I’m so glad I took this photo – Kim, when Kaley is 16, you’ll have to show her this!IMG_0150 IMG_0155 IMG_0168 IMG_0204 IMG_0210 IMG_0233 IMG_0240 IMG_0253  IMG_0279 IMG_0335 IMG_0343 IMG_0363 IMG_0368 IMG_0373 IMG_0397bw