The Ruggiero Family is simply adorable. I photographed this trio last year for a family photo session at Circle B Bar Reserve, and if you haven’t seen those photos, I suggest you take a look!

I was so excited to hear they were expecting a baby, I couldn’t wait to photograph the bump!

IMG_4280  IMG_4300 IMG_4307 IMG_4325 IMG_4338 IMG_4365 IMG_4397 IMG_4431 IMG_4442

This maternity session quickly turned into the Olivia show. I couldn’t help it. I mean, look at HER. She’s magnetic!


IMG_4505 IMG_4539 IMG_4581 IMG_4600 IMG_4616 IMG_4624 IMG_4655


I can’t wait to meet the newest Ruggiero: Dominic!

IMG_4708 IMG_4745 IMG_4819bw IMG_4822 IMG_4835