As an Artist, Photographer and Graphic Designer, I appreciate getting feedback — both good AND bad. My thought is: if you had a positive experience, tell your friends. If you had a bad experience, tell me. As most people do, I learn and improve when I’m made aware of something I didn’t do perfectly… or maybe a faux-pas. So PLEASE send me your feedback, and follow me on Facebook and Instagram.


Jackson and Mandi AwakenwebYou slayed this shoot!! So happy to have met you !!

-Valerie Aihe




I have never seen my daughter smile so much. It’s so hard with newborn pictures but Kerri was so amazing with her. I highly recommend her – you won’t be disappointed.

-Carolyn Woodger



Kerri Percy did an amazing job as a photographer, but what I appreciate most is the time and care she put in! The pictures were gorgeous and I’m so happy our vision for the shoot was PERFECTLY aligned. Above all, I have to say that Kerri made me feel absolutely comfortable, respected my insecurities and actually helped break me out of my box to get some real emotions.

If you are camera shy, you will definitely love her!

I felt BEAUTIFUL when I saw how she captured me in these photos, so thank you!!

-Jasmine Hall

©2017 Kerri Percy Photography - Brian Cowell FaceOff Audition Special Effects Makeup

She knew exactly how to best showcase my work.

I am so glad I had her involved in my project.

Fantastic portfolio pieces.

-Brian Cowell, Special Effects Makeup/Sculpting


She is honestly the best photographer around! I have done many photo shoots with Kerri before, and every time she amazes me with her creativity!

- Gabby Torres


The BEST experience we have ever had. She is an AMAZING photographer who listens to your vision, but also adds her own creative touch to bring everything together :) We can’t thank her enough for capturing all of the special moments hanging throughout our home ♥

- Paula Rafield

There is a big difference between a photographer and someone who just happens to have a really great camera. Kerri can capture the true soul of the person and that is always a beautiful thing. Her pictures are always so warm and fresh. She knows exactly how to pull the personality out from each of her subjects. She has a unique eye, a passion for photography as an art, and lots of fun doing what she loves.

- Lynn T Vicent

Kerri Percy Art and Photography is your go to photographer for EVERY occasion. She has the ability to capture the magic of whatever occasion that you want memories of. Tired of the normal family in white shirts posed? This artistic photographer is amazing! She gets my highest recommendation!

- Jennifer Crawford

© Kerri Percy Photography - From Lakeland to Miami -Mei-Lin's Wedding Photography
Kerri Percy Art and Photography captured my wedding day this past Memorial Day weekend. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to Kerri Gilpin Percy. As a bride, I got completely overwhelmed and flustered without being able to take in everything on my special day. With Kerri on my side, she was able to capture EVERY SINGLE DETAIL.
Unfortunately, my wedding weekend was a huge blur to me. Even though the day went by so fast and I feel like I missed a lot, she is giving me my memory back with each photo. With all of the ridiculous family drama, she was able to keep her poker face and do a marvelous job while reminding me that this was about me and my husband. With a HUGE wedding party of 9/9 bridesmaids and groomsmen with HUGE personalities, she took the bull by the horns and nailed it. She was there for all of the silly moments with my family and friends and captured everything. Its like she was always there behind her camera at the perfect time to catch every moment.
She traveled with her team 4 hours from her home and it was as if she knew her way around in MY town! I did not need to give her direction or advice on where to take pictures. She came to ME with suggestions and locations in a place she has never been before! She definitely does her research and comes prepared.
I had numerous choices when it came to photography living in the Miami area and I chose Kerri.

Her attention to detail and family-like comfort that she showed to me and everyone involved in the wedding, is the reason why she is the best!

I have only received a ‘sneak peek’ so far, and am brought to tears with the recollection of my special moments and am writing this review.

-Mei-Lin Reisin