IMG_6421It took a bit of convincing. When I asked Mei-lin if she would let me take some late term maternity photos underwater, she hesitated. I explained my vision, and even found examples on Pinterest to show her. When she finally agreed, we had a small window of time – she was coming home from her Babymoon in Costa Rica, and I was about to leave for my Spring Break in Kentucky.


The results: so worth everything.


I decided to get some flowers in the bathtub photos first – which turned out better than I expected. She’s a natural! (I mean…. look at her!) Afterwards, we got some cardio in the pool with yards and yards of uncooperative cheesecloth. Again, I knew it would be cool, but I had no idea HOW cool.


IMG_6429 IMG_6453 IMG_6476 IMG_6493 IMG_6505 IMG_6531bw


IMG_6556 IMG_6615

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