I’m always excited when the step-kids come to visit for the summer. They definitely bring life to our household, and I always wish they could stay longer.


Each visit, we always end up taking pictures – the life of a photographer is such that no kid gets left behind in photos.  Of course, I have a photo session planned for my long-haired post-punk stepson Nic; this one was just for Megan. (p.s. it’s pronounced MEE-gun, not MAY-gun)


The first half of the session, Megan wanted to give the vibe of a professional, and we carefully chose the outfit and locations.

The second half of the session, I suggested we stay true to Megan’s natural inclinations – a flower-child hippie.

Thus: Duality.


IMG_2391 IMG_2410 IMG_2413 IMG_2425 IMG_2443 IMG_2465 IMG_2471 IMG_2473 IMG_2497 IMG_2532 IMG_2561 IMG_2570 IMG_2596 IMG_2599 IMG_2604 IMG_2610 IMG_2612 IMG_2629 IMG_2642 IMG_2648 IMG_2653 IMG_2677 IMG_2679 IMG_2695 IMG_2701 IMG_2714 IMG_2716 IMG_2727 IMG_2770 IMG_2774