Little Lorelei June was just a dream to photograph – So much so, many times I just had fun looking at her, and forgot to take pictures! She cooed, talked in her jibberish baby talk way, and even laughed. I was pretty excited when Carolyn and Ryan were happy with doing this photo session outdoors in early December. But hey, it’s Florida! It was about 70 degrees when we got started.



If you look just over Ryan’s shoulder (above), there’s a butterfly!


IMG_9786 IMG_9791 IMG_9821 IMG_9832 IMG_9839 IMG_9854 IMG_9858 IMG_9872 IMG_9881aaa IMG_9903 IMG_9907BW IMG_9925 IMG_9937 IMG_9964 IMG_9969


I have to say I was a little disappointed when the sun started setting -I really wanted to keep taking pictures of this little lady. She was such a doll! IMG_9975 IMG_9979 IMG_9997