Q. What should I do to look my best for my photo session?
A. Stay hydrated. Your skin looks it’s best when you’ve had plenty of water for 2-3 days up to your session. Also, don’t get your hair cut less than a week before your session.

Q. What should I wear?
A. Wear something you feel great in – I’m not talking about your favorite sweat pants. Wear colors that you know look good on you, but avoid crazy patterns or neon colors. Stick to the classics. What would you wear on a first date? Remember – new shoes might be uncomfortable, and if you’re uncomfortable, it will show in your face.

Q. Should I go fancy or casual?
A. What are you more likely to wear going out with friends or out to dinner? Stay within your own comfort level. Something nice, clean but nothing really fancy unless you want to.

Q. When can I expect to see my photos?
A. I typically put up a sneak peek on Facebook within a week of your session, so be sure to “Like” Kerri Percy Photography on Facebook. I give myself 3-4 weeks to go though and edit all the photos, (maybe longer for weddings) which will post online to my website and gallery. In that time, I will contact you to make arrangements to meet to review the gallery and choose your favorite photos for printing.

Q. What is included in my session package?
A. It depends on the package you purchase. Your session includes a preview of your images in an online gallery, this website and Facebook. Prints and Digital Negatives are not included in the price of the session.

Q. What if I want to print my photos at a local 1-hour photo printer?
A. You are welcome to. However, places that offer 1-hour photo printing don’t offer the quality standard that I, or a professional photo lab do.

I typically spend 8-14 hours adjusting the light, color balance, and details in your photos to ensure the most beautiful images, and if you take those images to a 1-hour photo printer, the images get cropped awkwardly, the colors shift and unfortunately, you end up with something completely different than what I created. I can’t guarantee those photos are printed on archival paper or will stand the test of time.

I exclusively use national professional photo labs that never adjust colors or crop awkwardly, so you know EXACTLY what you’re getting when you order prints. Plus they’re probably more affordable than you think!

Q. Who will be taking my photos?
A. I, Kerri Percy will always be taking your photos for Portraits, Events and Weddings. However, I often employ a second shooter for Weddings to get coverage of things I might miss, unable to be 2 places at once.

Q. How long have you been a photographer?
A. I’ve been photographing Weddings, Portraits and Events since 2002.

Q. Do you have special training to be a photographer?
A. Yes. I took 4 years of photography in college, as well as 2 years of private photography classes. Also, I’m a life-long learner – I’m constantly striving to improve my craft.