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Gabby and Ethan Junior Prom

I've been photographing this girl for a LONG time.  When Gabby mentioned that she and Ethan wanted to re-create some photos (that I took) from their 8th grade dance pictures, extreme joy came out of me!  You can see the entire album of Gabby and Ethan 3+ years ago, but here's a glimpse of those photos. (Please ignore the gross watermarked logo, It was barel[...]

Shepherd Maternity Session

My cousin, Kim Shepherd and her husband Rob are expecting their first child together, Kaley Lynn, at the end of March. I was squealing when she told me the news several months ago, and let me photograph their "We're Expecting" announcement photos.  Now that she's really showing, I was excited to take some bump pictures for Kim, Rob and Kayla (Kim's Stepdaugh[...]

The Ernst Family

Brooke Ernst and her family are all over my photography portfolio - and for good reason. I've been best friends with Brooke for 5 years, therefore I am her entire extended family official photographer. My family is hers and vice-versa. Her in-laws are missionaries living in Australia since I've known them, only able to come to the States every so often. T[...]

Shirley and Rick's Wedding

Shirley is a native Hawaiian, so naturally Rick suggested they go to Hawaii for their Wedding. Shirley wanted to stay at her home church in Lakeland, Florida. Their compromise? Bring Hawaii to Lakeland! Even the rings and leis were shipped from the Islands. They were married in Shirley's home church (and place of employment) Victory Assembly of God. [...]