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Riley Donnelly Newborn Photography

Brian Donnelly was first my student. It would be a gross understatement to say that he was a troublemaker in my class. Later, we became friends. (The troublemaking didn't cease.) I remember many phone calls with Brian on the other end, but 3 stand out. The first was when he called me to announce he had just become a daddy, The second was he was marrying Juli[...]

Erica Jordan Lupercio - Pre-Wedding Festivities

Erica's Wedding Day Video   Mei-Lin contacted me a while ago about creating a video that would be a present to Erica Jordan on her Wedding Day.  Little did I know what would be in store for us that day.   Everyone had a bit of brunch at the Birchwood Hotel before we embarked on Erica's Surprise to her bridesmaids - A lovely, relax[...]

Ruggiero Family Maternity Session

The Ruggiero Family is simply adorable. I photographed this trio last year for a family photo session at Circle B Bar Reserve, and if you haven't seen those photos, I suggest you take a look! I was so excited to hear they were expecting a baby, I couldn't wait to photograph the bump!   This maternity session quickly turned into the Olivia sh[...]

Megan Percy's Duality Session

I'm always excited when the step-kids come to visit for the summer. They definitely bring life to our household, and I always wish they could stay longer.   Each visit, we always end up taking pictures - the life of a photographer is such that no kid gets left behind in photos.  Of course, I have a photo session planned for my long-haired post-pun[...]

Mrs. and Mrs. Williams

Chantelle and Mellanie were officially married in New York in May with only their immediate family there. They decided to throw a "Reception" for all friends and family to attend, but it included a Hitchin' Post, sweet nuptials, a sand ceremony, and some tear-jerking vows.

Evan's Newborn Session

Evan's Newborn Session: I believe I've photographed this family beyond full-circle.   Several years ago when I first met Tiffany, I took family photos with her son and daughter.  About a year later, we did the baseball and "paint fight" photo session you can see here.   Last year, Tiffany contacted me to do a SECRET photo session, not [...]

Amanda Thiele Senior Photo Session

    Amanda is a baller. A Volleyballer to be precise. She and her sister Karla are both talented volleyball players, and Amanda recently received a scholarship to Carnegie Mellon University for her amazing skills on the court. I had a blast with these beautiful young ladies - they are a force to be reckoned with.   [...]

Kaley Shepherd Newborn Session

Kaley is my 3rd cousin, and I'm already in love. I took Kim and Rob's "We're Expecting!" Photos to surprise their family, so I was the first family member who knew Kaley was on her way. Later, I took their Maternity Session with Rob's daughter Kayla, and then we waited for Kaley to make her grand entrance.   When she was 3 days old, my parents and[...]

Chantelle + Mellanie

  Location 1: Oxford Exchange Location 2: Hillsborough River State ParkI'd like to say THANK YOU to Jess at Oxford Exchange for letting me take photographs anywhere I wanted, and the lovely folks at Hillsborough River State Park.